Simone Simonelli

A bite is not enough

Conceived and Curated with Claudio Larcher and Steffen Kaz

It is pretty simple to eat an apple, you have to bite only. From simplicity to creativity: this is the challenging proposal of the students of the Faculty of Design and Art of the Free University of Bolzano, presented at the Fuorisalone 2013. It is a collection of objects and tools to transform apples. To cut, to peel, to squeeze… the exhibition comes as an interactive installation. Each instrument presented, provides a different way of treating an apple and ironically questions our need of objects, turning a simple action, like eating an apple into a machine. An interactive space involving the public, revolving around the simple act of sharing an apple.

Students: Sabrina Vegetti, Elisa Spigai, Ralf Sieber, Angelika Ziernheld, Manuela Dasser, Maddalena Aliprandi, Andreas Trenker, Patrick Perathoner, Matthias Gruber, Davide Sparaco, Julia Vogt, Melani De Luca, Marta Angelini, Giovanna Bampa, Sandra Sordini, Alissa Thaler, Ilka Pia Claren.

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